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Swedish reaction to Ugandan anti Gay legislation

Translation of todays Article in Dagen (The Day, Pentecostal)

Sweden may cut its aid to Uganda, if the proposed harsh anti Gay legislation is carried through, Minister for In-ternational Development Cooperation, in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ms Gunilla Carlsson (Conservative) said today in The Daily Echo news programme (Swedish Radio).

According to the proposal Homosexuals may be sentenced to prison or, in the worst case, death.

I think it’s horrible. My Secretary of State has taken this up in direct contact with the (Ugandan) Government. We have expressed our meaning locally and I myself have tried to contact organisations which work with those who are subjected to this oppression in Uganda, Gunilla Carlsson said.

The Minister expresses her particular dismay because Uganda is a country with which Sweden has had liaisons for a very long time.

According to the proposed legislation anyone who is caught having sexual relations with a person of the same gender may get 7 years in gaol. For so called “gross homosexuality” death penalty may be given.

Also persons who fail to denounce persons who are homosexual or work for the civil rights of gay people may be sentenced to gaol.

From 2000 Sweden has given aid to Uganda amounting to on average 330 million Swedish Crowns per year.”

It may be added that the present Ugandan Dictator lived his years of Exile in Gothenburg, Sweden, married a Ugandan and had his 4 children there. It was from Landvetter Airport that he went back to Uganda in triumph in 1986 carrying an attaché suit case full of Dollares of unknown provenance which he originally hadn't declared, which was a crime in those pre EU times of strict monetary regulations…

It obviously wasn't his own money, since when asked to declare it by Airport Security staff, he made an awful fuss... Actually, as I remember it, it was his refusal and untimely accusations of racism that made the Security staff suspicious as to the contents of the suitcase.

In the end he was allowed only to give the name of the Bank through which he had obtained the money. Indeed one wonders who is being the foreign agent here...

Click on the head line to read the original article in Dagen.

Addendum 1.

From Svenska Dagbladet (Conservative): Gunilla Carlsson expressed her horror at the repressive legislation in the making in Uganda, which for a long time has been a recipient of Swedish aid. If the legislation is passed homosexuality may be punished by a death sentence.

– It’s dreadful, especially since this is an oppression directed towards a minority. We have had contacts, and my Secretary of State has taken this up with the Ugandan Government. This is a country we have long term relations to, but it feels rather hopeless.

Question being what this means for the possibility of continued Swedish aid.

– It will be considerably difficult. We may consider withdrawing it in part.

Addendum 2.

I see on my little map that I have a visitor from Uganda...

Addendum 3.

Link to Andrew Brown's comment in The Guardian.

Addendum 4.

Article in the The Examiner

Addendum 5.

Link to Sveriges Radio international.

Addendum 6.

Link to The Times.

Addendium 7.

Box Turtle Bulletin gives the actual text of the proposed draconian legislation.

Addendum 8.

Rachel Maddow has this comment on the American political/religious powers involved in this affair.

Addendum 9, 7th of December

Crickets still chirping at Lambeth Palace... But in less than 12 hours a statement was issued on the election of two assistant Bishops in Los Angeles. Andrew Brown comments in the Guardian .

Thanks to Father Jake Stops the World (right hand bar) for the krickets.

Addendum 10.

Rachel Maddow explains the direct links between the proposed Ugandan legislation and the Washington-based Political/Religious organisation The Family (of the sex scandals and Presidential Prayer Breakfasts), of which both the promotor of this hatefilled legislation and President Museveni are long time members (High Treason, anyone?).

Addendum 11.

Yet another link to Public Eye .

Addendum 12.

Meanwhile, not all is hopeless in Uganda. An editorial in The New Vision , the Regime news paper, makes the claim that the propo-sed legislation shouldn't pass. It seems the American backers aren't so keen on their little Social/Legal/Political experiment, after all...

Silence = Death, whereas speaking up matters.

Addendum 13.

Yet another reaction, yet another link. US Senators do and don't speak up on this inhumane and ill advised proposal. From Rachel Maddow .

12 kommentarer:

motheramelia sa...

Sweden is very generous with its foreign aid. I would think the disapproval of the government would make a big difference.

Göran Koch-Swahne sa...

Ms Carlsson said in the interview that she thinks the country paying may call the shots!

Lindy sa...

I am glad to see something more that a "statement." This appears to have real teeth.

Goran, I didn't know you have a blog!

Leonardo Ricardo sa...

I like the directness.

I honestly think the Archbishop of Canterbury (forget the grandstanding and ¨selectively moral¨ Lord Archbishop of York) is a CODEPENDENT who has fallen deeply into a disease which he thinks is some form of humblepie Christianity give and take think tank(ed)...the man, is a coward when dealing with reality and only speaks OUT about ¨establishment¨ pre-announced things...clearly, Governments need to firm up their feelings about issues such as murdering LGBT Citizens in Uganda (and imprisoning family and friends for simply being loving family and friends) and stop this evil spookie stuff.

Unfortunately REAL morals are suddenly PREACHED outside of spiritually healthy progressive CHURCHES (who don´t seem to know how to SPEAK TRUTH in the face of prejudice, boldfaced lies, thieving and murder anymore)...one thing is for certain Sweden has proven that it´s perfectly ¨correct¨ to speak out against legalized criminal brutality, despotic behavior and exploitive human shaming!

Good for Sweden!

Göran Koch-Swahne sa...

The Swedish Radio site sais Ms Carlsson is known as the only Minister who wants a smaller budget! She thinks the present 30 Billion Crowns in aid is too much :-(

Göran Koch-Swahne sa...

Lindy, No?

I do since a few years back. That'w how I found Mimi and Maddy ;=)

But it's very off and on. In periods I've had far too much to to working long hours, and writing takes time and being well slept ;=)

Doorman-Priest sa...

More international disapproval please!

Anonym sa...

Tack for intiresny Blog

Jim sa...

It is particularly interesting that Dr. Williams had to act so quickly in denouncing one of three episcopal elections in the US, precisely to appease Ugandan homophobes. ;;sigh;;
Those who sell their souls and integrity for unity shall have neither -- with apologies to Ben Franklin.


Göran Koch-Swahne sa...

Quite so, Jim!

motheramelia sa...

Even if they back off on putting people to death, the law is so draconian that I don't want to even begin to imagine the horrors that will happen to gays and lesbians in Uganda if any part that law passes. It needs to be scuttled and maybe that will happen with all the pressure. Even so, I would not want to be GLBT in Uganda.

Göran Koch-Swahne sa...

Very true, Amelia. It's the pressure and nothing else...

Death punishment for no crime committed is obviously too much even for The Family (when noted abroad ;=) but the 3 years in Gaol for not informing is, although milder on the surface, just as damaging for Ugandan Society!