söndag, januari 24, 2010

Dominionism and the Ugandan anti Gay Legislation

The links between Dominionism and the proposed Ugandan Legislation are tight. The International (= American) Transfor-mation Network is one, if not the main sponsor together with The Family, a group of Dominionist members of Congress, both Senators and Representatives, who share digs in Washington, but are so far known mostly for their sexual scandals.

The point is to Christianize the Governments of the World through "Christian domination in business and the marketplace", even the "Unification of the marketplace and the pulpit”.

This, I remind you, is the Taliban of the western hemisphere. This is where the Supreme Court’s absurd decision to break with the established wisdom of the last century handing over American politics to lobbyists for big Corporations, makes sense.

The draconic Ugandan proposals are the testing ground. These days they are organising the PrayforNewark Project in Newark, New Jersey.

I refer you to the Link from Talk to Action.

and especially the video in the Link fromTelling Secrets by Elizabeth Kaeton, an Episcopal Priest in The Diocese of Newark.

Also there is this from Rachel Maddow: Maddow: The Uganda-US fundie connection

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Doorman-Priest sa...

The Taliban of the western hemisphere? No. That's the Anglican Mothers Union!

Göran Koch-Swahne sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Göran Koch-Swahne sa...

My late mother would have shared your sentiments entirely ;=)