söndag, maj 30, 2010

To Christians Everywhere

If Christians are not willing to stand up for the rights and dignity of gays and lesbians, then are they willing to stand up for the rights and dignity of anyone?

Is our concern for human dignity and welfare limited to embryos and fetuses, and ends with birth?

How authentic is the universal call of Pentecost with its babel of languages coming together if we must add an asterisk with a footnote listing exceptions and preconditions?

Does the Great Commission mean anything other than a license for imperial conquest without the Great Commandment?

Did the Savior who forgave His murderers from the Cross without their asking limit His Love and Mercy to those who meet membership requirements, or to those who could pass a catechism exam?

Dough Blanchard alias Counterlight (link to the right).

2 kommentarer:

Leonardo Ricardo sa...

Thank you Goran, yes, it always seems to me the hating LGBT Christians/others is outside the tent of religious conviction...more appropriate ¨belief material¨ for a Psychiatrists couch or a hospital for raging lunatics.

Doorman-Priest sa...