fredag, juni 16, 2006

Lev 18:19-23 - the Scholastic version

The Old Latin translation (2nd century North Africa, and later) as changed by the followers of Peter Lombard +1162/4 of the Sorbonne/Saint Victor 1160-1220, as canonized by the Tridentine councils, according to the 1895 edition:

19 Ad mulierem, quae patitur menstrua,
non accedes, nec revelabis foeditatem ejus.

20 cum uxore proximi tuo
coibis, nec seminis commistione
maculaberis prós autän.

21 De Semine tuo non dabis ut consecretur idolo Moloch,
nec pollues nomen Dei tui.
Ego Dominus.

22 Cum masculo non commiscearis coitu femineo,
quia abominatio est.

23 Cum omni pecore
non dåseis coibis sou eis Spermatismòn,
nec maculaberis cum eo.
Mulier non succumbet pan jumento, nec miscebitur ei:
quia scelus est.

Note that the 3 Beds have been changed to the verb coibis, to lie, (verses 20 and 23) and the Macaroni noun (generally given as a verb in late-modern translations) coitus (well know from later Medical Speak, as in coitus interruptus) in verse 22.

Note that verse 22 changes the verb koimaomai; lie with, lie, sleep, die, into the invention “commit”, at the same time as it changes the Bed of a wife into “womanly coitus”…

Also note, that verse 23 no longer has very much in common with the Greek text!

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