fredag, september 12, 2008

Sodom and Sodomia IV

Allegory is an imagery, where only the back-side counts. It permits the in-and-out-reading of just-any-thing.

Allegory was developed in the centuries BC by the academics at the Museiwn to de-sexualise Homer’s’ Odyssey and Iliad – the amorous adventures of the Olympian un-deadly were un-tasteful to the very serious Alexandrian philosophers…

But Filon of Alexandria (dead sometime after 40) and later “Christian” Neo Platonists have used (abuse) it to sexualise the holy scriptures of the Bible.

As you understand, in bygone days one did not have to worry about “Biblical proofs” – allegory was enough in itself.

The craving for ”proofs” only came with the new Neo Platonism, and Indo European Integrism however (something also found in, particularly Egyptian, Islam) of Neo Humanism: with the renewed Renaissance of the 16th century.

The situation has become much worse in our days, especially in Anglican churches in the 20th century due to the Inerrantism of the American Sects (the word Inerrantism is not even known in these parts) which originated around 1610 with Arminianism a Dutch Calvinist Sect, and later immigrated to America.

Indo European Integrism was problematic to Dr-at-Law Johannes Calvinus.

San Pietro had coined the word sodomia as a general reference to Luxuria; the Superbia, Greed, Sloth and so on of Sodom… manifested in the disdain of its inhabitants for the Sacred Commandment to Hospitality to the Levite, the Poor and the Stranger – namely the visiting Angels.

Filo of Alexandria may have sexualised the Sodom story in his efforts to present Judaism to his anti Semitic colleagues as more anti sex than Philosophy itself, but hardly anyone followed suit for the next 1500 years.

And a Jewish heretic philosopher around BC wasn’t much in the eyes of the world in Calvinus’ Time… (in the 20th century, when the academic teachings of the 2nd Millennium have begun to be questioned, Filon has become all the more popular – almost an honorary Father of the Church).

So, in order to join San Pietro’s Concept sodomia – which remained for very long a squarely “Hetero-“sexual category – to Ganymedes, Dr Johannes invented a linguistic ruse “to know in the Biblical sense”.

When Scripture and Teaching must concord – experience shows that it will be Scripture which is accommodated to Teaching...

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