onsdag, april 01, 2009

Gender neutral Marriage

Marriage is Gender neutral in Sweden from ist of May the Riksdag voted today. 261 Ayes, 22 Nays, 16 abstained.

Those who are against (the 22 Nays) are very much against, but there is not much by way of newspaper stories as of yet. One-liners mostly. Gender neutral Marriage is no big issue here.

However, there is an article in the British Pink News.

Click on the headline!

3 kommentarer:

Brian R sa...

Great news, Good on Sweden.

Leonardo Ricardo sa...

Dear Göran,

Thank you so much for the exciting news out of Sweden you posted this morning at my blog...I linked to you immediately and used part of YOUR NOTE for my new headline...hope it´s ok.

Mil Gracias,

Leonardo Ricardo

Göran Koch-Swahne sa...

Of course, it's OK!

Thinngs are going in the right direction, although not everywhere at the same pace.