måndag, juni 28, 2010

Sufficiency and Scripture.

In the concluding section of Book II Chapter VIII Dr Hooker says:

"Two opinions therefore there are concerning sufficiency of Holy
Scripture, each extremely opposite unto the other and both repu-gnant to truth.

The schools of Rome teach Scripture to be so unsufficient, as if, except traditions were added, it did not contain all revealed and
supernatural truth, which absolutely is necessary for the children of men in this life to know that they may in the next be saved.

Others justly condemning this opinion grow likewise into dange-rous extemity, as if Scripture did not only contain all things in that kind necessary, "but all things simply", and in such sort that to do anything according to any other law were not only unne-cessary but even opposite unto salvation, unlawful and sinful.

...so we must likewise take great heed, lest in attributing unto Scripture more than it can have, the incredibility of that do cause even those things which indeed it hath most abundantly to be less reverently esteemed."

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Fred Schwartz sa...

Thank you! Now, If a lot more Anglicans would review Hooker's work we might begin anew.

Leonardo Ricardo sa...

Thank you Goran, this is a great leveling thought.

Your friend,