tisdag, juni 16, 2009

The Colour Colour

Translation of the below:

I am altering the colour of my Blog in honour of the brave Iranian peoples, Farsi, Azeri, Kurds and so on, who are experiencing a new turn in their long and eventful history.

Andrew Sullivan has the updates. Click on the headline!

måndag, juni 15, 2009

Färgen färg

Jag ändrar nu färgen på min Blogg i solidaritet med Irans alla modiga folk, perser, aserer, kurder, osv, som just genomlever ännu en kris i sin långa historia.

Andrew Sullivan, t.ex, har fler länkar. Klicka på rubriken!

måndag, juni 01, 2009

"Pro Life" Murder in Wichita

A Gynaecologist specialising in abortion was murdered on Pente-cost Sunday in his (Lutheran) church in Wichita, Kansas, were he served as an usher. Click on the Headline!

President Obama is “outraged” at this “heinous crime” and has instructed Attorney General Holder to start protecting doctors and clinics. A little late, methinks.

It was not the first attempt. Back in 1985 his clinic was bombed, in 1991 his clinic was picketed, in 1993 he was shot in both arms.

Lately Fox News' Bill O’Reilly has campaigned against him person-ally, and through "guests", in no less than 28 of his “shows”. And-rew Sullivan has the details here

That the somewhat extreme political climate in USA here plays an important part in this and other outbursts of violence is obvious, at least to outsiders here .

However, anti abortion organisations try to distance themselves from the murder. The hypocrites! Here is a short overview of this anti Modern political terror here.

Randal Terry the leader of anti abortion group “Operation Res-cue”, which picketed Dr Tiller's clinic all summer in 1991, says that he is concerned about the possible reactions of the Obama Administration (which he misrepresents, as anti moderns are wont to do), but apparently isn’t at all worried about the murder itself.

Do check Cany's comments on her blog Just Another Black Sheep! And don't miss the horrible video with Randall Terry, were he de-fends the indefensible and talks of "a teaching moment"!

Addendum a must read, Frank Scheffer: How I (and other "pro-life" Leaders) contributed to Dr Tiller's death, in Huffington Post.

Poor wreched country.

Conclusion: The "Pro Life" murder in Wichita and other ideologi-cally motivated attacks like it, seem to me yet another example of the Triumph of Culture over Gospel. The obvious parallel is here.

Christ in Gethsemane told Peter in no uncertain terms to put his sword back in the shaft. Obviously He thought that taking the road of violence makes us equal to the things we want to oppose...

We seem to have forgotten that on the way.

UPDATE 1): Rachel Maddow reported 4th June that the suspect has indeed been tied to Randal Terry's Operation Rescue here. At the moment of his arrest, hours after the murder, he had a note stuck on the dash board with the telephone number of Operation Rescue's Policy Maker Cheryl Sullenger who herself served about two years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic in California in 1988, and admits to giving him directions as to Dr. Tiller's home and church...

Who would have thunk?

Also: here Hat tip to Crooks and Liars.

UPPDATE 2) Friday 5 June The Department of Justice weighs in starting a Federal criminal investigation in the case here