onsdag, augusti 11, 2010

From a Post on Facebook.

Question: Isn't Sodom and Gomorra about RAPE?

No, the story of Sodom and Gomorra (the names allude to the destruction of the site through an earthquake) is not about rape, That is a thoroughly late Modern invention.

The only (suggested, heterosexual) rape in the story never comes off!

The rape angle comes after D.S. Bailey's book Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition in 1955, that is it enters late Mo-dern "translations" in the 10 following years. The 1962 revision of the 1569/1602 Spanish Reina-Valera hasn't got it, but the highly politicized French 1957 Bible de Jérusalem and all later "trans-lations" have it...

What is being intentionally mis-translated is the word ina sunge-nåmetha autois; that we may know them, in Genesis 19:4. The claim (Renaissance) is that the root gnå- means sex. It doesn't. It means to know...

The root gnå- occurs some 943 times in the Bible (1 in the NT) but in only 8 cases can it refer to Hetero-sex. Genesis 4:1 And the man (=Adam) knew his wife, is one example.

Sungenåmetha is a different word altogether.

Mind you, the 8 cases are all Imperfect aorist!!!

Also, as it is Loot himself, the Husbander; the Pater familias, who suggests the rape of his daughters, it really isn't.

Antiquity, as well as pre Modern Societies, didn't count this as rape at all!!! See the various (and varying) stories of Abram and Sarai in Genesis 12:11ff, 20:2 - 18, and Isaak and Rebekka in Genesis 26:7...

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